Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Booties

Easy Knitted Booties

These booties can be made using baby, sport or worsted weight yarn. The finished size depends on the needle and yarn used. If you cannot cast off in ribbing, then take a crochet hook and crochet the stitches off.

Baby and sport yarn with a needle sz 3/4 should yield a bootie w/sole measuring around 2 inches. Worsted and sz 6/7 needle should give you a newborn bootie w/sole measuring around 3 inches.

Cast on 28 sts. Knit 10 rows.

Row 11: K12, K2 tog, K2 tog, K12.

Row 12: Knit across

Row 13: K11, K2 tog, K2 tog, K11.

Row 14: Knit across.

Row 15: K10, K2 tog, K2 tog, K10.

Row 16: Knit across.

You should have 22 sts.

Rib these sts for 10 rows,K1,P1 or K2,P2. Cast off in ribbing.

Fold finished bootie in half and sew the center back seam and sole closed. Trim ends.

Helpful Hint - start with two small balls and cast on two booties and work at the same time. They will look alike and will be a lot faster than one at a time

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